Men tend to vent their anger that emotion with physical play such as hitting. Then came the words do not go near a man who was emotional because he could become a creature of the rough.

Instead women tend to grumble when you're angry. Why do men prefer to play physical when angry?

According to research, men and women really think differently. This is because of differences in brain anatomy between men and women.

Dr. Charles E. Damping, SpKJ from the Department of Psychiatry at the Faculty of medicine-RSCM Press Conference The 4th Annual Women's Health Expo in FKUI-RSCM, explains that the brains of men and women differ in the chemical, spatial, verbal, memory and the gray matter and white matter.

In chemicals, women's brains contain more serotonin, which makes it behave more peaceful than men. In addition, women's brains also have oxytocin, a substance that binds human with other humans or with more objects.

"Two things affect the brain's biological tendency of men to act in advance rather than talk. That's why men are more easy to hit when angry, if not nagging old lady," said Dr. Charles E. Damping, SpKJ.

While spatially, the area of the brain cortex sucked more men to perform spatial functions and tend to give a little on the local portion korteksnya to produce and use words.

Corpus collosum male brain is smaller than a quarter of the female brain. When the male brain uses only the right brain hemisphere, brain woman can maximize both.

"That's why women are more talkative (fussy) than men," said Dr Charles.

Research on the gray matter and white matter of the brain, showed that in general men have gray matter 6.5 times greater than women, whereas white matter 10 times more women than men.

It makes men more likely to excel in fields that require local processes such as mathematics. While women are more superior in the field of integerasi and assimilation (adaptation) information such as language skills.

And in memory, the memory center (hippocampus) in women's brains bigger than the male brain. This makes him easy to forget, while the woman can remember every detail.

"Hence, the mothers do not get mad if my husband had forgotten an important date, because it's much less memory than the female brain," added Dr. Charles.

From the difference in brain anatomy and function, not surprising that the outlook and behavior of men and women differ significantly.