The little things are done in the morning can make the day a fun and positive impact on health. But unfortunately most people spend time in the morning with haste so as not to notice little things but this is important.

Here are the things that should be done in the morning and have an impact on better health status.

Do not hurry so as not to stress

Stress can come at any time regardless of time, but some of these stressors can be eliminated or avoided.

Hurriedly prepare for work can lead to mental and physical tension that was not necessary. This will indirectly lead to the occurrence of stress in the morning.

One of the main causes of stress are overwhelmed with too many things to do. Mayo Clinic in the morning said stress can cause headaches, decreased immunity and also other serious conditions such as high blood pressure.

In order to have better health, then try to start the day with more relaxed, allowing time for the body to adjust itself so that one does not need to hurry the move. And take time each morning to plan the 2-3 things that will be done, because planning can help avoid the stress that negatively affects the body.

Do not forget breakfast

Studies in 2005 by the University of Nottingham in England found that breakfast in the morning to avoid the spike in bad cholesterol (LDL) and increased insulin resistance.

Therefore if you want to have a healthy body and can lead to better days, breakfast activities should not be abandoned.

Move your bodies 15 minutes

Exercising in the morning to make the body take the time to perform physical activity. No need much time just 15 minutes to move their bodies every morning.

If sports do before breakfast it will be an additional benefit for health.

Studies in 2010 by the Research Centre for Exercise and Health in Belgium found that exercise can improve glucose sensitivity and useful to the muscle.