Every day someone would be out of energy from the body. But, there is some type of person who tends to drain power and energy of others or referred to the emotional vampire.

One of the things that could be the biggest energy drain is the relationship with another person either a friend or spouse. Some relationships can indeed positive and improve mood. But, other relationships can suck the optimism and calm a person, this person called the emotional vampire.

These types of people generally do not drain physical energy, thinking and confidence of others. There are several types of people including emotional vampire, namely:

1. The narcissistic type
Moto owned this person is should be first and always about himself. The type of people are very hungry for admiration, attention, and have high self-confidence. But people generally do not have a narcissist or just a little sense of empathy and it requires a reward for doing things.

Therefore one must be able to keep expectations in reality and never make self-esteem and feelings of the people depend on this.

2. The type of people of low self
The type of people like this more often referred to as 'victims' because it always has a reason to feel not happy. When someone offers a solution to the problem he would always say 'Yes, but ...' so it's always felt he could not do anything.

To protect themselves from people like this ordain a fair and firm boundaries. If the type of person is out the problem then give him the sense to listen and discuss the solutions provided.

3. Type of control
These people are usually obsessive with trying to control others and determine how a person should do or feel something. This type of person has their own opinion and will affect other people who have thought not in line with him, usually he will dominate. To protect yourself from these people make a firm stance on what is believed, and believe in yourself.

4. Type of person who always speaks
These people are generally not interested in other people's feelings and only care about themselves. This person is moving so close but generally does not give someone the opportunity to open a conversation and did not respond to non verbal cues.

If someone wants to talk with this person should immediately be interrupted and talked for a few minutes of talk time.

5. Type drama queen
These people have a flair for exaggerating small incidents and always wanted to be the center of attention. To cope with people like this try to stay calm and take a breath so as not to get caught up in drama.