Big city is always synonymous with high air pollution from vehicles or industry. Exercising in the middle of a city that has negative effects of air pollution.

If someone regularly exercise in the area of air pollution will have an adverse impact on health, especially for people who have chronic lung disease, heart disease or diabetes.

"When someone does a sport, even with a low intensity so it will breathe 10 times more than when you're resting," said Edward R. Laskowski, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.

In such conditions, people tend to inhale more deeply into the lungs and breathe through your mouth, so that filtering through the channel in the nose.

These factors will improve body contact with pollutants, the combination between air pollution and this will pose a risk sport.

Exposure to air pollution or small particles of dust or aerosols in the air can trigger several health risks, such as:
1. An increase in significant damage to the small airways in the lungs.
2. Increased risk of heart attacks and strokes in women who have aged.
3. Increased risk of death from lung cancer and heart disease.

To limit the adverse effects of air pollution, there are some things you can do during exercise, namely:
1. Try to exercise outdoors if done in the morning, because not many vehicles passing by so that the pollution level is not high.
2. Avoid exercise during midday or afternoon.
3. Avoid exercise like jogging or walking in areas that the road was jammed, so it should work out in a radius of more than 15 feet from the road.
4. Vary the exercise in the room, could be in the house or take fitness classes.
Air pollution can cause several diseases such as respiratory tract infections due to nitrogen compounds that weaken vibre hair in the throat, reducing a person's sexual hormones, disrupt the endocrine glands, and can cause dental caries caused by free radicals from car exhaust.

If it is known to have chronic conditions or want to stay healthy, you should notice the air around if you want to do outdoor sports in order to obtain maximum results.