People who are old or elderly prone to falls due to balance his body which was not optimal. But, this turns out to be prevented by practicing the piano.

Researchers have found that older people should do exercises to play the piano, it is useful to reduce the risk of falling. This condition is somewhat unusual, because usually the means used to train the balance is by way of dancing or other physical exercises.

Doctors believe this condition is caused by exercising to music in this piano training can improve gait and balance the body. Obtained a group of participants who did the exercises for six months had dropped lower risk.

In this study, as many as 134 people who averaged 75 years old were randomly assigned to perform normal physical exercise or perform a set of music. The study was conducted over 6 months to take classes for one hour each week.

During this period of 6 months, the number of participants who fell from both groups monitored. There are 54 times falls on participants who do normal exercises, meaning about 1.6 falls per person per year. While the people who exercise to music are found only 24 times the fall, which means about 0.7 falls per person per year.

After six months, both groups exchanged so that both groups get a chance to do normal exercise and sports to music. Obtained the same maturity level as the first period before the exchange.

"Our findings indicate that this program might be useful to prevent people from falling as well as community-based rehabilitation," said Dr. Andrea Trombetti from University Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, Switzerland who also wrote the Archives of Internal Medicine.