There are some people volunteer to donate organs or tissue to others after death. This is of course very happy for people who have long waited for 'gift' from people who have died. What organs and tissues can be donated after people die?

Modern matching tissue, surgical techniques, as well as anti-rejection drugs have allowed the miracle took place in the form of transplant (transplant), organ and tissue.

There are many people waiting for organs other people helped him survive or improve the quality of life. But the number of people needing organ transplants far more even than people who want to voluntarily donate their organs after death.

According to the Ministry of Health and Human Services U.S., from one human body can provide 50 opportunities for the transplant.

The following organs and human tissues that can be donated after death:
1. Eye
2. Kidney
3. Lungs
4. Heart
5. Heart
6. Pancreas

Tissue :
1. Bone
2. Heart valve
3. Skin

Organs that can help prolong the life is the heart or liver. Heart and liver transplant could help other people who have heart failure or heart survive longer.

While the eyes, kidneys and skin to improve the quality of life of others. Donors can give the blind eye to the opportunity to look back. Donor skin help severe burn patients and help people suffering from renal kidney failure so as not to rely on dialysis (dialysis).

Donating organs to another person indeed a very noble act. But unfortunately not everyone agrees with these actions, especially the family.

The decision to become an organ donor is a decision that requires courage. Moreover, issues norms, ethics and culture is still very thick as in Indonesia.

If you intend to donate organs after death or alive, make sure it is supported entirely by the family. Although already made a decision to donate but if not approved by family, doctors will not take your organs.