Atom processor specifically tablets, with the nickname Oak Trail, previously announced by Intel at Computex event, Taiwan, mid-2010. Now, as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (02/11/2010), Intel promises Oak Trail is present in early 2011.

Anil Nanduri, Marketing Director of Intel Corp., said the development of Oak Trail is on schedule. He also stressed the improvement in energy consumption of the Atom processor.

"Consumption is the biggest in the tablet to the screen. In the case of the use of idle, we can compete with any solutions out there," he said.

According Nanduri, Oak Trail will give the ability to browse and watch videos 12 hours on a tablet device.

Tablet market increasingly crowded world since Apple released the iPad. Some manufacturers also have emerged with their respective brands, ranging from Samsung Galaxy Tab to BlackBerry Playbook.

Although crowded, Intel so far has struggled to dominate the processor market for tablets. Opponent weight adalh that license ARM processor designs to several manufacturers, including Marvell Technology, Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Market researcher iSuppli estimates shipments will grow at close to 200 tablets per cent in 2011. While notebooks and PCs only 13 percent.