Friday Night Lights
The NBC Friday Night Lights season 4 has come to an end with a Thanksgiving celebration. The NBC series is going out with an emotional, it solidifies itself as the best network television drama we saw all year.

Nine of words I hoped I would never say: Eric and Tami Taylor had their separate ways. I'm not talking about a strong partner in the heart of Friday Night Lights but their extraordinary portrayers, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Although the fifth and final season, the show not air (the premiere on DirecTV this fall), the cast and crew wrapped up last week in Austin, at which point the Britton moved back to Los Angeles, leaving Chandler behind in Texas with his wife and their two daughters. Here, in their first interview together since production ended, the actors look back on five years of their marriage work, reveals the secret behind the screen innovative relationships, and argue about who they were rooting almost come Emmy night.

Is it so bad that we kind of know how it will end for the Lions? I mean, you know you get a turkey for Thanksgiving, but since we spent the season getting fried like a turkey Buddy, the result feels much better. From the beginning ("Dillon East"), it seems inevitable that Coach Taylor will be printed this underdog team together to enact revenge on those Panthers and the McCoys, who had left him. It is impossible to win, to say the least, but we had to crawl over broken glass to get here, so a victory, but unlikely, to happen - we get it. And LanceLandry must make a 7246 yard field goal, it was all Eric mysterious reason to turn it into a kicker.