The National Poison Prevention Week Council recommends to keep all furniture made from chemicals and medicines out of reach of children. We recommend that you close the meeting of these objects when not in use. Drugs and chemical products in the kitchen and bathroom is the easiest thing was found by children. Make sure the box is put in place a drug that is safe from children.

When using chemical products, do not get out of your sight. Even if you just leave briefly to pick up the phone or open the door. Because most cases of poisoning in children occurs when adults use them off guard.

Store different types of medicines separately from household products, and store chemical products away from food.

Try to always use the original pack or box of chemical products. Read the labels listed first before using it. Turn on the lights when you give or take the product.

Avoid using drugs in front of the children and do not ever say that you consume it is candy or food, this will provoke the curiosity of children and give it a try.

We recommend that you identify what plants are in your garden. Identify poisonous plants or not and place it away from children or exhaust alone.

From now on, check all the furniture and objects that exist in your home. Make sure all objects are in place, and all chemical based products be placed out of reach of children to minimize the potential for choking and poisoning.