During this time, more people know men who have more than one wife (polygamy). But, there is also a form of marriage where women have more than one husband (polyandry), but polyandry has some risk.

Polyandry is one of the practice of marriage in which a woman has more than 1 husband. Form of marriage is estimated there are only less than 1 percent of the world and limited to certain areas like the Himalayas, South Nayar Indian, Eskimo society and several North American Indian.

Generally, the practice of polyandry is the case in certain areas where there are less women, so often one man to share his wife with another brother. In certain areas these traditions going for generations even down to their children.


If polygamy is stated to increase the age of men as much as 12 percent. Polyandry can also provide benefits for women, more women have greater opportunities because of sperm that enter so that it can improve the success of the process of egg fertilization.

But, polyandry is more often a problem on the status of children and marriage. Risks that might arise from the practice of polyandry, namely:

1. Lack of certainty about the resulting offspring.
Ignorance determine the biological father of children born very high due to the form of polyandry marriage. This can lead to or create problems in her home life.

2. Lowering the birth rate and also the number of parents.
Because only one woman who was involved in multiple marriages, the number of children produced in a wedding will be small.

3. The failure rate in the form of marriage is higher, so couples who do polyandry is very susceptible to divorce or infidelity as well.