Tired of working in an office? It never hurts to start trying to do business. For the women, in particular, with its own business you can have a more flexible time.

Here are tips to get started. Five tips were supplied by Nellie Akalp.

1. Do not Be Afraid Of Starting Small
One that makes people afraid to do business is because they have no more capital. If capital is a hindrance, do not give up. Realistically, the problem of capital that indeed you have. Try creative ways to fund your bisnia, as with the office at home, barter and use social media and networking to market.

2. Do not Just Do it the preferred Duties
As a businessman, you will be required to do it all. Not necessarily all the work you love. Some tasks may not yet mastered. Find out how you can survive and try to find other alternatives for instance by hiring someone else or ask for help from family and friends.

3. Learning to Say No
Saying no is sometimes uncomfortable to say. But when it became a businessman, every time you say 'yes', it means you say 'no' to yourself and your priorities. To become a successful businessman, learn to say no. Keep in mind, your clients will have to be prioritized.

4. Do not Forget the Legal Aspects
Although you start with a small business, do not ever forget hukumnnya aspect. Many small business owners chose to establish its business by becoming a Limited Liability Company (PT) to protect assets and ownership of their company. By making your business into PT, it also will add credibility in the eyes of customers and partners. Indeed, to make the PT quite expensive, so it does not matter if you need time to do it.

5. Do not Forget to Celebrate Success
Travel became a businessman would be fun, unpredictable and of course there will be some obstacles. During the trip, do not forget to appreciate all your success, be it large or small. Celebration or appreciation of this can keep you motivated.