Brain Cells Activity Changed Due to Mobile Phone

Activity of brain cells may change due to the use of mobile phones are too long attached to the ear. Weak electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can affect the activity of cells in the brain.
Scientists from the National Institutes of Health U.S. found that time spent 50 minutes with a cellular phone attached to the ear is enough to alter brain cell activity in the part closest to the antenna device.

"What we found is the metabolism of glucose (a sign of brain activity) will be increased in brain regions closest to the mobile phone antenna," said Dr. Nora Volkow of the NIH.

The study was conducted to understand how the brain reacts to electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phone signals. Volkow said that he was quite surprised because of weak electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can affect the activity of cells in the brain.

Volkow and team studied 47 participants who at the time his brain was scanned using a cell phone for 50 minutes and when the phone is turned off.

If Your Body Drop, Do This!

When your body is being dropped because too tired then the energy intake needed to help the spirit back. Here are the things one must do if his body is tired or drop.

The body is tired or exhausted can be caused by many factors, like too much activities, an hour less sleep, stress, depression, weather, certain diseases until many thoughts that could lead to pressure for the body.

Body condition or are tired of this drop should not be taken lightly because it can cause several effects to the body. Therefore know what things should be done when the body is tired, namely:

1. Rest to regain energy
When tired, the body generally does not get enough energy intake, because it is taking a break or do a short nap can help the body get the energy and relieve fatigue.

People Believed But It’s Wrong

There are so many myths about health that circulate in society and believed without any known hereditary certainly true. At least there are 7 myths about health that many believe.

Here are some myths about health that much trust in the community:
1. Myth, chocolate and fried foods can cause acne
Acne occurs when oil glands under the skin to produce oil called sebum is too much. When the sebum and dead skin cells blocking pores, the skin becomes irritated, swollen and turned red, which is a sign of acne.

It is not known why the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum, but the hormone is the main suspect, who explain why adolescents are more prone. Stress and heredity can also be a factor, but no link between acne with chocolate or fried foods.

5 Tips for a Successful Business Startup

Tired of working in an office? It never hurts to start trying to do business. For the women, in particular, with its own business you can have a more flexible time.

Here are tips to get started. Five tips were supplied by Nellie Akalp.

1. Do not Be Afraid Of Starting Small
One that makes people afraid to do business is because they have no more capital. If capital is a hindrance, do not give up. Realistically, the problem of capital that indeed you have. Try creative ways to fund your bisnia, as with the office at home, barter and use social media and networking to market.

2. Do not Just Do it the preferred Duties
As a businessman, you will be required to do it all. Not necessarily all the work you love. Some tasks may not yet mastered. Find out how you can survive and try to find other alternatives for instance by hiring someone else or ask for help from family and friends.

The Signs of Woman Who Falling in Love

First date is one thing that has been long awaited by each partner and are very critical to the success on the next date.

After the first date, do not quickly feel confident ha has successfully won his heart. For that, you have to know the signal know when the job pu hearts have fallen in love. Sete is to know, stringing his next beautiful dating is not just a dream.

Want to know the signs of women experience a signal in love?

Risk Women who married More than 1 Man

During this time, more people know men who have more than one wife (polygamy). But, there is also a form of marriage where women have more than one husband (polyandry), but polyandry has some risk.

Polyandry is one of the practice of marriage in which a woman has more than 1 husband. Form of marriage is estimated there are only less than 1 percent of the world and limited to certain areas like the Himalayas, South Nayar Indian, Eskimo society and several North American Indian.

Generally, the practice of polyandry is the case in certain areas where there are less women, so often one man to share his wife with another brother. In certain areas these traditions going for generations even down to their children.