The sigh of Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova is quite phenomenal. Because supposedly a sigh that says it reaches 101 decibels can damage the opponent's concentration to play. Actually for what people sigh?

It turns out a sigh that could set important as the respiratory system with a larger volume of oxygen, the sound of wheezing also can make people respond quickly things unexpected, relieve stress to make happy.

The researchers studied the pattern of breathing someone and think that the reason someone sighed as related to respiratory system.
One reason is to rearrange the pattern of breathing that is damaged and also keep the respiratory system remains flexible.

Researchers from the University of Leuven in Belgium conducted a study to find out certain changes as long as someone sighed and sighed to determine the function of itself.

"Our results indicate that different respiratory dynamics before and after someone sighed. We hypothesized that sighs again act as a regulator of the respiratory system in general," said Elke Vlemincx reported in the journal Biological Psychology.

Hypotheses re-arrangement of the respiratory system based on the idea that breathing is a dynamic system and can not be separated. What with all sorts of internal and external factors attempt to alter how much oxygen is needed to keep the lungs healthy and able to work.

Some of the benefits to what people sigh:

1. Sigh sound that comes out is very important because it allows the body to learn how to respond flexibly something unexpected. Sigh defined two times larger than the volume of breath.

2. Man sighs to express their feelings because they feel frustrated or stressed, bored with something, sad, happy, tired, or when someone is feeling very emotional, depending on the conditions experienced at that time.

3. When under stress it out a sigh that could reset the respiratory system and loosen the lungs air sacs or alveoli, accompanied by a sensation of relief.

4. And for women, sigh often associated with something that is sensual, as it will make women look sensuous nature.

But ,on the other hand sighed too much can cause noise that can make damage to the system. Sigh too many hiperventialsi symptoms such as dizziness and numbness in the feet.