Some people think that love will fade after the couple married for years. Actually, how the brain activity of married couples for 20 years?
A new study published in the December issue of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience shows people who say he still fell in love with his spouse despite two decades of marriage is not something crazy or lying.

This is based on the results of MRI brain scans of people who had long been married and still enjoy the wedding. This study shows that there are some couples who are still infatuated with her partner despite 20 years of marriage.

Prevailing theory about love is someone going crazy with her partner in the early relationship, but after a couple years will become less passionate and can be replaced by another love. But, this does not happen to all couples.

Bianca Acevedo and Arthur Aron of the Department of Psychology at Stony Brook University, New York conducted a study to investigate. The study involved 17 people who claimed to still fall in love with their partner even though the average marriage age has reached 21 years.

The researchers compared the brain scans of this pair with new people who fall in love. In some ways there is obtained a very similar brain activity.

In people who just fell in love showed activity in dopamine-rich areas when looking at or thinking about their partner. This means Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA), which is part of the reward center shows a lot of activity.
This condition also can occur in people who have many years of marriage. But, unlike people who just fall in love, the brains of people who have fallen in love with for years did not show inter-regional activity associated with anxiety and fear.

"Individuals in long-term relationships may experience excitement, sexual attraction, engagement and intensity associated with romantic love. But mostly he has a sense of anxiety and disturbing thoughts are far fewer than the individual's new love," Acevedo said.

In addition, the scans also showed more activation in brain regions associated with mother's love or bond with a partner.

Another study conducted Aron has made sure that the most successful couples are couples where help each individual develop his idea, and still fall in love couple who reported often to have sex (of course, adjusted for age).

"This study is good news for couples who are married for years or long-term marriage," said Aron.