Women sometimes shave her eyebrows and replaced with an eyebrow pencil or a tattoo. But, the scientists suggest do not shave off your eyebrows because there are negative side effects.

Eyebrow is a very important aspect of one's appearance, because it could be one of the most distinctive features that shape a person's face. Some people have an interesting shape eyebrows, while others appear irregular and need trimming.
Scientists said that the eyebrow hair serves to help keep moisture out of the eye when a person is sweating or exposed to rain. Although a person has thin eyebrows, he can still perform its function properly.

Arch of the eyebrow shape will help divert rain water or sweat fell to the side of the face, so keep your eye stay dry and prevent water entry into the eye. This condition can help a person stay to see clearly when you're sweating or walking in the middle of the rain.

In addition, not less important function of the eyebrows is the part that helped effect the next time expressing emotions and body language. To test this, try sitting in front of the mirror and make a happy expression, fear, sadness and anger with the eyebrow position is covered. It will show a big difference.

What would happen if eyebrows shaved off?

If someone does not have eyebrows or shave until exhausted and replaced with a tattoo will make conditions a bit more difficult. This is because no one hold sweat or rain water that fell in the face, but inside there is a salt content of sweat that can cause irritation to the eyes causing a burning sensation.

Most scientists believe that if a person is born without having her/his eyebrows, then usually she/he will have a thick eyelashes or skull bone above the eyes rather prominent, so that still can protect the eyes from sweat or rain water.

For that, someone is usually not recommended to shave or pull out her eyebrows, but if you want to tidy it up enough to lose a few eyebrow hairs alone.