To What People sigh?

The sigh of Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova is quite phenomenal. Because supposedly a sigh that says it reaches 101 decibels can damage the opponent's concentration to play. Actually for what people sigh?

It turns out a sigh that could set important as the respiratory system with a larger volume of oxygen, the sound of wheezing also can make people respond quickly things unexpected, relieve stress to make happy.

The researchers studied the pattern of breathing someone and think that the reason someone sighed as related to respiratory system.
One reason is to rearrange the pattern of breathing that is damaged and also keep the respiratory system remains flexible.

This is the People Brain who Already Married 20 Years

Some people think that love will fade after the couple married for years. Actually, how the brain activity of married couples for 20 years?
A new study published in the December issue of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience shows people who say he still fell in love with his spouse despite two decades of marriage is not something crazy or lying.

This is based on the results of MRI brain scans of people who had long been married and still enjoy the wedding. This study shows that there are some couples who are still infatuated with her partner despite 20 years of marriage.

Prevailing theory about love is someone going crazy with her partner in the early relationship, but after a couple years will become less passionate and can be replaced by another love. But, this does not happen to all couples.

Types of Energy Draining People

Every day someone would be out of energy from the body. But, there is some type of person who tends to drain power and energy of others or referred to the emotional vampire.

One of the things that could be the biggest energy drain is the relationship with another person either a friend or spouse. Some relationships can indeed positive and improve mood. But, other relationships can suck the optimism and calm a person, this person called the emotional vampire.

These types of people generally do not drain physical energy, thinking and confidence of others. There are several types of people including emotional vampire, namely:

1. The narcissistic type
Moto owned this person is should be first and always about himself. The type of people are very hungry for admiration, attention, and have high self-confidence. But people generally do not have a narcissist or just a little sense of empathy and it requires a reward for doing things.

Therefore one must be able to keep expectations in reality and never make self-esteem and feelings of the people depend on this.

The Danger of Shaving Eyebrows Eye Out

Women sometimes shave her eyebrows and replaced with an eyebrow pencil or a tattoo. But, the scientists suggest do not shave off your eyebrows because there are negative side effects.

Eyebrow is a very important aspect of one's appearance, because it could be one of the most distinctive features that shape a person's face. Some people have an interesting shape eyebrows, while others appear irregular and need trimming.
Scientists said that the eyebrow hair serves to help keep moisture out of the eye when a person is sweating or exposed to rain. Although a person has thin eyebrows, he can still perform its function properly.

Arch of the eyebrow shape will help divert rain water or sweat fell to the side of the face, so keep your eye stay dry and prevent water entry into the eye. This condition can help a person stay to see clearly when you're sweating or walking in the middle of the rain.

Watch out, Internet Can Make You Fat!!!!!

If you plan to lose weight, should reduce the habit of spending time with the Internet. A study in Australia suggests that people spend more time with the internet at risk of obesity.

In the Journal of Medical Internet, researchers conducted a survey of 2650 adults in Australia about physical activity, the internet, play computer games, reading, watching and other activities conducted during the respondent is in the spare time to find out its relationship with the disease of obesity.

Researchers also tried to focus on and compare two main activities, namely the Internet and physical activities (sports, hiking). Both activities were divided into categories tidk never, rarely (less than 3 hours per week) and high (more than 3 hours per week).

The survey results also showed that those who frequently use the internet and computers were 1.5 to 2 times more fat than those who never dealing with computers.