LG Optimus 2X Spesification

No doubt if the most special thing in the LG Optimus 2X is the use of dual core processors and GPU Nvidia Tegra 2. Then what kind of performance these phones?

After a look around the outside and features a camera which is on LG Optimus 2X, now is the time detikINET testing the performance offered by this phone.

Two 'Brain' In A Phone

Using dual core processors in mobile phones is one of the revolutionary steps taken by LG. Not in vain, Optimus 2X also managed to show his ability when faced with a variety of demanding applications.

To test its performance benchmark application Quadrant detikINET use that can be obtained at the Android Market. The result? The phone is able to carve the figure of 2501. The largest value for Android phones currently in circulation.

Lean Body Secrets of Japanese People

The Japanese are known with a slim body and has the longevity and quality of life better. This turned out to be influenced by diet and life known as the Japanese diet or the Japanese Diet.

Research shows Japanese people eat a variety of foods compared with the west. Recent studies have shown that Japanese people consume more than 100 different types of food each week, while the west is only about 30 types of food.

"Previously people thought it was all because of the influence of genes, but when the Japanese adopted Western-style diet weight will increase quickly," says Naomi Moriyama, author of Japanese Women Do not Get Old or Fat: Secrets of My Mother's Tokyo Kitchen.
Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the Japanese have an average age of healthy life and be free from defects up to 75 years, and has the lowest obesity rates.

There are several Japanese-style diet could be done to make the body become lean and long life are:

Eat with your eyes
One of the wonders gaya Jepang eating healthy is a balance that consists of low-calorie foods are delicious, served with a beautiful and controlled portions that encourages people to eat and enjoy food. Also Japanese people eat an average of 25 percent fewer calories than Americans.

The New Findings Effectively and Efficiently to Prevent Fires

A group of scientists Siam Safety Premier Co.., Ltd. has conducted research for many - years to develop an effective fire prevention systems and efficient

The scientists succeeded in creating a fire prevention tool that works automatically, without electricity, without human intervention and without the help of other supporting equipment. This tool is named Elide Fire, 14.5 cm diameter spherical weighing only 1.3 kg.

The inventors believe Elide Fire could help the world community in combating the danger of fire is increasingly worrying the whole world. This phenomenal discovery rewarded prestigious awards from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Brussels Eureka Award & 15 other prestigious awards.

Save Your House from Poison

The National Poison Prevention Week Council recommends to keep all furniture made from chemicals and medicines out of reach of children. We recommend that you close the meeting of these objects when not in use. Drugs and chemical products in the kitchen and bathroom is the easiest thing was found by children. Make sure the box is put in place a drug that is safe from children.

When using chemical products, do not get out of your sight. Even if you just leave briefly to pick up the phone or open the door. Because most cases of poisoning in children occurs when adults use them off guard.

Store different types of medicines separately from household products, and store chemical products away from food.

The Signs of High Radiation that is Easily Recognizable

The signs of people exposed to radiation does not always appear later, there also could be identified on the spot, especially if high enough levels of radiation. Symptoms range from dry skin, nausea, vomiting and killed instantly.

Various symptoms appear shortly after exposure to radiation is called Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS). The higher levels of radiation, its effects appear sooner or felt by the victim and also the greater the chances of causing death.

Such syndrome experienced by many victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and the Chernobyl tragedy in 1986. Because the levels of radiation are released in these events is very high that trigger symptoms that are acute.

The Chernobyl tragedy in 1986, at least 134 workers and firefighters are exposed to radiation for 80-1600 brake. Of these 2 people were killed on the same day, while 23 people were killed in the next 3 months, all related to the radiation received.

While the symptoms may be observed based on the levels of radiation are as follows.

50-10 rem
Cell damage, changes in chemical composition of blood and increased risk of cancer. On the radiation exposure of this magnitude there are symptoms that can rarely be observed because the effect will appear in the long run, between 5-20 years later.

Trivia But Important to Do Every Morning

The little things are done in the morning can make the day a fun and positive impact on health. But unfortunately most people spend time in the morning with haste so as not to notice little things but this is important.

Here are the things that should be done in the morning and have an impact on better health status.

Do not hurry so as not to stress

Stress can come at any time regardless of time, but some of these stressors can be eliminated or avoided.

Hurriedly prepare for work can lead to mental and physical tension that was not necessary. This will indirectly lead to the occurrence of stress in the morning.

One of the main causes of stress are overwhelmed with too many things to do. Mayo Clinic in the morning said stress can cause headaches, decreased immunity and also other serious conditions such as high blood pressure.

Why Men Play Physical Affection If Emotions?

Men tend to vent their anger that emotion with physical play such as hitting. Then came the words do not go near a man who was emotional because he could become a creature of the rough.

Instead women tend to grumble when you're angry. Why do men prefer to play physical when angry?

According to research, men and women really think differently. This is because of differences in brain anatomy between men and women.

Dr. Charles E. Damping, SpKJ from the Department of Psychiatry at the Faculty of medicine-RSCM Press Conference The 4th Annual Women's Health Expo in FKUI-RSCM, explains that the brains of men and women differ in the chemical, spatial, verbal, memory and the gray matter and white matter.

Why Eye 'Fear' with Onion?

Looking sharp objects, the eyes can still stare but when faced with onions, eye once sobbed rapidly. Why eye can not stand with onions?

Onions are one of the many seasonings used in cooking. But, if someone wants to use it must get ready to cry.

In addition to cooking, garlic is also believed to contain chemicals that function as anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant and can also help overcome the blood pressure.

Why slicing or peeling onions make people cry?

When a person is cut or peel the onion then she broke the cells in the onion that combines each layer. One membrane of onion contain enzymes, while others contain sulfur compounds.
When the onion sliced or peeled, the chemical reaction occurs between the enzyme and also sulfur compounds that produce gas volatile (easily evaporated). This gas will react with the surrounding air becomes sulfuric acid.

Brain Cells Activity Changed Due to Mobile Phone

Activity of brain cells may change due to the use of mobile phones are too long attached to the ear. Weak electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can affect the activity of cells in the brain.
Scientists from the National Institutes of Health U.S. found that time spent 50 minutes with a cellular phone attached to the ear is enough to alter brain cell activity in the part closest to the antenna device.

"What we found is the metabolism of glucose (a sign of brain activity) will be increased in brain regions closest to the mobile phone antenna," said Dr. Nora Volkow of the NIH.

The study was conducted to understand how the brain reacts to electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phone signals. Volkow said that he was quite surprised because of weak electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can affect the activity of cells in the brain.

Volkow and team studied 47 participants who at the time his brain was scanned using a cell phone for 50 minutes and when the phone is turned off.

If Your Body Drop, Do This!

When your body is being dropped because too tired then the energy intake needed to help the spirit back. Here are the things one must do if his body is tired or drop.

The body is tired or exhausted can be caused by many factors, like too much activities, an hour less sleep, stress, depression, weather, certain diseases until many thoughts that could lead to pressure for the body.

Body condition or are tired of this drop should not be taken lightly because it can cause several effects to the body. Therefore know what things should be done when the body is tired, namely:

1. Rest to regain energy
When tired, the body generally does not get enough energy intake, because it is taking a break or do a short nap can help the body get the energy and relieve fatigue.

People Believed But It’s Wrong

There are so many myths about health that circulate in society and believed without any known hereditary certainly true. At least there are 7 myths about health that many believe.

Here are some myths about health that much trust in the community:
1. Myth, chocolate and fried foods can cause acne
Acne occurs when oil glands under the skin to produce oil called sebum is too much. When the sebum and dead skin cells blocking pores, the skin becomes irritated, swollen and turned red, which is a sign of acne.

It is not known why the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum, but the hormone is the main suspect, who explain why adolescents are more prone. Stress and heredity can also be a factor, but no link between acne with chocolate or fried foods.

5 Tips for a Successful Business Startup

Tired of working in an office? It never hurts to start trying to do business. For the women, in particular, with its own business you can have a more flexible time.

Here are tips to get started. Five tips were supplied by Nellie Akalp.

1. Do not Be Afraid Of Starting Small
One that makes people afraid to do business is because they have no more capital. If capital is a hindrance, do not give up. Realistically, the problem of capital that indeed you have. Try creative ways to fund your bisnia, as with the office at home, barter and use social media and networking to market.

2. Do not Just Do it the preferred Duties
As a businessman, you will be required to do it all. Not necessarily all the work you love. Some tasks may not yet mastered. Find out how you can survive and try to find other alternatives for instance by hiring someone else or ask for help from family and friends.

The Signs of Woman Who Falling in Love

First date is one thing that has been long awaited by each partner and are very critical to the success on the next date.

After the first date, do not quickly feel confident ha has successfully won his heart. For that, you have to know the signal know when the job pu hearts have fallen in love. Sete is to know, stringing his next beautiful dating is not just a dream.

Want to know the signs of women experience a signal in love?

Risk Women who married More than 1 Man

During this time, more people know men who have more than one wife (polygamy). But, there is also a form of marriage where women have more than one husband (polyandry), but polyandry has some risk.

Polyandry is one of the practice of marriage in which a woman has more than 1 husband. Form of marriage is estimated there are only less than 1 percent of the world and limited to certain areas like the Himalayas, South Nayar Indian, Eskimo society and several North American Indian.

Generally, the practice of polyandry is the case in certain areas where there are less women, so often one man to share his wife with another brother. In certain areas these traditions going for generations even down to their children.


To What People sigh?

The sigh of Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova is quite phenomenal. Because supposedly a sigh that says it reaches 101 decibels can damage the opponent's concentration to play. Actually for what people sigh?

It turns out a sigh that could set important as the respiratory system with a larger volume of oxygen, the sound of wheezing also can make people respond quickly things unexpected, relieve stress to make happy.

The researchers studied the pattern of breathing someone and think that the reason someone sighed as related to respiratory system.
One reason is to rearrange the pattern of breathing that is damaged and also keep the respiratory system remains flexible.

This is the People Brain who Already Married 20 Years

Some people think that love will fade after the couple married for years. Actually, how the brain activity of married couples for 20 years?
A new study published in the December issue of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience shows people who say he still fell in love with his spouse despite two decades of marriage is not something crazy or lying.

This is based on the results of MRI brain scans of people who had long been married and still enjoy the wedding. This study shows that there are some couples who are still infatuated with her partner despite 20 years of marriage.

Prevailing theory about love is someone going crazy with her partner in the early relationship, but after a couple years will become less passionate and can be replaced by another love. But, this does not happen to all couples.

Types of Energy Draining People

Every day someone would be out of energy from the body. But, there is some type of person who tends to drain power and energy of others or referred to the emotional vampire.

One of the things that could be the biggest energy drain is the relationship with another person either a friend or spouse. Some relationships can indeed positive and improve mood. But, other relationships can suck the optimism and calm a person, this person called the emotional vampire.

These types of people generally do not drain physical energy, thinking and confidence of others. There are several types of people including emotional vampire, namely:

1. The narcissistic type
Moto owned this person is should be first and always about himself. The type of people are very hungry for admiration, attention, and have high self-confidence. But people generally do not have a narcissist or just a little sense of empathy and it requires a reward for doing things.

Therefore one must be able to keep expectations in reality and never make self-esteem and feelings of the people depend on this.

The Danger of Shaving Eyebrows Eye Out

Women sometimes shave her eyebrows and replaced with an eyebrow pencil or a tattoo. But, the scientists suggest do not shave off your eyebrows because there are negative side effects.

Eyebrow is a very important aspect of one's appearance, because it could be one of the most distinctive features that shape a person's face. Some people have an interesting shape eyebrows, while others appear irregular and need trimming.
Scientists said that the eyebrow hair serves to help keep moisture out of the eye when a person is sweating or exposed to rain. Although a person has thin eyebrows, he can still perform its function properly.

Arch of the eyebrow shape will help divert rain water or sweat fell to the side of the face, so keep your eye stay dry and prevent water entry into the eye. This condition can help a person stay to see clearly when you're sweating or walking in the middle of the rain.

Watch out, Internet Can Make You Fat!!!!!

If you plan to lose weight, should reduce the habit of spending time with the Internet. A study in Australia suggests that people spend more time with the internet at risk of obesity.

In the Journal of Medical Internet, researchers conducted a survey of 2650 adults in Australia about physical activity, the internet, play computer games, reading, watching and other activities conducted during the respondent is in the spare time to find out its relationship with the disease of obesity.

Researchers also tried to focus on and compare two main activities, namely the Internet and physical activities (sports, hiking). Both activities were divided into categories tidk never, rarely (less than 3 hours per week) and high (more than 3 hours per week).

The survey results also showed that those who frequently use the internet and computers were 1.5 to 2 times more fat than those who never dealing with computers.