When suffering from abdominal bloating, a person often feels miserable when in public places for fear of wasting the wind that can cause odor. But now, do not need to worry, researchers recently discovered panties that can reduce odor, including the smell of fart.

People who experience stomach bloating now need not worry should dispose of the wind in a public place, because of Australian researchers have discovered and market briefs that can reduce and prevent the smell out.

The specially made underwear for men by using nanaoteknologi designed to prevent the dreadful smell out through the fabric.
The idea of making this special underpants originated from a businessman in Australia has held helpless shame when experiencing abdominal bloating in his office.

"I dream a concept that holds 4SKINS clothes smell after I and several members of my family suffer from abdominal bloating," explains Gilbert Huynh, 4SKINS businessman.

He said after experiencing the condition, he thought to make underwear that is not only convenient to use but also can be used to hold a bad odor to avoid the shame.

"If this helps reduce the amount of odor, it will be a big opportunity, especially for people who experience frequent bloating and must dispose of the wind," said Huynh.

After two years of research and development, including testing of 50 participants, Huynh finally able to complete the project and produce underwear that be a solution by combining comfort and style.

Secret panties that can withstand the threat of this methane is a technology called Neutraliser cloth. Fabrics made with Nano-Tex is unlike other solutions intended to reduce the odor, but to resist the smell that comes out.

The smell behind this pair certainly not out, enabling people around the user can breathe.

"I used myself and do some basic tests. Then my family and my friends also wear it and say this really works," lid Huynh.