Worm may be known as a disgusting animal. But, swallowing roundworm eggs or worms known as therapy, can give hope to cure intestinal inflammation.
A study showed people who swallow the worm eggs to treat inflammatory bowel showed better results. This gives a hint of the possibility of worm therapy can help heal the intestinal inflammation that can cause chronic inflammation of the digestive tract.

"Our findings in this case report suggests that swallowing roundworm eggs of T. trichiura can reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease," said lead researcher P'ng Loke, assistant professor in the department of medical parasitology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Loke said that this result can also lead to new treatment methods to deal with other diseases. For example, inflammation of the colon (inflammatory bowel disease / IBD) is currently treated with drugs that do not always work properly and can cause serious side effects.

The results of this study was published in the Dec. 1 issue of Science Translational Medicine.

Loke and his team analyzed the men's 35-year-old who suffered severe colitis who do worms therapy to avoid surgical removal of the entire colon. The man was doing therapy in Thailand with 1500 swallowing worm eggs.

The study analyzed blood samples and intestinal tissue of the men was from 2003 before doing the therapy until the year 2009 after he made several therapies. For nearly 3 years she was free from any symptoms of intestinal inflammation that appears.

"When the inflammation relapse, then he swallowed 2 000 worm eggs and feel better again," said Loke.

The team found that tissue taken during active inflammation of his intestines shows the number of CD4 T-cell, the cells of the immune system. However, after the worm therapy, tissue taken showed a lot of T-cells that produce interleukin-22 (IL-22), a protein that promotes wound healing.

"After the therapy, this man's gut to produce mucus that is significant. This is because the lack of mucus in the colon associated with severe symptoms. We think this worm to increase or restore production of mucus in the colon," he added.
But, Loke said worm therapy is still not well understood and has the potential to backfire. This is because the worm itself can cause harm and damage in the intestine, therefore study what is needed to find molecules that can suppress inflammation and how to cope with inflammatory intestinal worms.