One of the famous tourist destination is the Indian slums. Even so, the number of tourists who fall ill while visiting this country is still losing a lot of Egyptians who recently was named the nation's most unhealthy place to visit.
Statistics released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in England showed 82 out of 100,000 tourists who visit Egypt suffered indigestion. This figure is the highest recorded among the countries most popular tourist destinations around the world.

India which is known as one of the most rundown in the world and experienced many outbreaks of disease, it only ranked 2nd. Of the 100,000 visits of tourists to the country, only 65 people who have digestive disorders, especially diarrhea.

These countries occupy the top 2 positions in the list of 10 most unhealthy states to visit, which was released by the HPA. Rank was prepared based on 24,322 reported cases of gastrointestinal infections experienced by British tourists between the years 2004-2008.

The release also said, nearly 50 percent of the tourists suffered an infection caused by salmonella bacteria. This type of bacteria is most commonly transmitted in the restaurants and pools are not clean or less hygienic.

Quoted from, Wednesday (15/12/2010), following a full list of 10 countries most frequent cause of a tourist experience abdominal pain.

The ratio of infection per 100,000 State Tourist Arrivals
Egypt : 81.92
India : 64.85
Thailand : 64.50
Pakistan : 60.16
Morocco : 40.32
Kenya : 40.10
Tunisia : 34.39
Caribbean : 27.60
Mexico : 13.39
Republic of Malta : 8.59
Republic of Cyprus : 6.50

Besides making a list of 10 most unhealthy states, HPA also classify tourist destination areas into 3 categories based on the level of risk of disease transmission. The three categories in question is as follows.
1. Low Risk: Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand
2. Moderate risk: southern Europe, Israel, South Africa, the countries in the Pacific and Caribbean Sea
3. High Risk: Africa, Latin America, Middle East and most countries in Asia.