If you want to give the game to victims of natural disasters to heal the traumatic experience of select toys tetris. This toy is more potent to overcome stress disorder due to traumatic experiences than snake ladder game.
Researchers from Oxford University, Emily Holmes proved that after conducting two experiments. The first experiment involved 60 participants while the second involved 75 participants, all were adults in good health.

In the first experiment, participants were told to watch movies that contain scenes of death and violence. After 30 minutes the movie ended, participants were divided into 3 groups with different treatments.

The first group played Tetris for 10 minutes, group 2 play games themed quiz and the last group did not do anything. Over the next few weeks, participants were asked to make daily notes about the appearance of bad memories from the movie.

A second experiment conducted in the same way, only the number of participants who were more involved. The difference this time participants were given a longer interval since the movie ended, which is 2 hours.

Bboth of these experiments prove that the participants who play tetris more rarely have bad memories.

The researchers speculate in the Tetris puzzle game set can balance the two channels in the brain, the sensory canal and the canal conceptual. Traumatic events usually make more active sensory channel activity, so easy to have bad memories.