Everything that is done by someone can burn calories throughout the day, including when she was laughing. But, how many calories are burned while people are laughing?

During this, community is very familiar with the term laughing is the best medicine, one of which is to burn calories in the body. Based on the study conducted by Vanderbilt University laughting can burn calories and also provide other health benefits for people who do.

Laughing can increase heart rate by 10-20 percent. As heart rate increases will make your metabolism faster that make calories burned in the body after a person stops laughing.

Studies at Vanderbilt University said that laughting can increase energy expenditure and air circulation. If someone laugh for 10-15 minutes, then he will burn calories as much as 10-40 calories. This depends of weight that is owned and activity level. Within a year, someone could down 4 pounds in a way quite enjoying themselves and laughing.

Studies conducted in 2005 was conducted by 45 couples who are placed in the metabolic chamber. Each partner is required to perform 10-minute theatrical comedy. When the laugh is obtained which increases oxygen consumption so that it can burn calories that make weight loss.

According to a recent study also showed that laughting can be contagious. This is because the brain will respond to the sound of laughting and connecting the facial muscles in preparation to join the expression of joy.
In addition to burning calories, laugh also can improve the quality of one's health in several ways, namely:

1. Loma Linda University found that laughting can increase by 14 percent levels of immunoglobulin that is useful to combat the disease.
2. Johns Hopkins Medical School found to see people laugh can increase brain capacity.
3. The study from UCLA finds laughting can help pain management.
4. University of Maryland found a correlation between laughing with improved circulation.