Parents who want to know the sex of the baby usually will perform ultrasonography (USG) during the second trimester. But, you know there are also ways that no credible scientific hereditary almost most women in the world.

Ultrasound tests can not guarantee the accuracy of 100 percent to determine the sex but still believed the best way. Although up to now there are many who feel no need to know the sex of a baby through an ultrasound let no surprises at delivery.

Even so, traditional ways or maternal instincts also done a lot of women to simply guess the fruit of his heart. The result was not guaranteed 100 percent, but many pregnant women who have proven over hundreds of years.

A few ways you can do to guess the sex of these are:

1. Experienced severe nausea during the first trimester was a sign will get a baby girl. Conversely, if not experience severe nausea or low-level nausea omen boys.

2. Belly bulge height (tapered) sign a boy. Conversely, if lower abdominal bulge sign girls.

3. The body feels more swollen, especially on the thighs and hips is trusted as a sign of the girl who was taking his mother's beauty. But if you are overweight tend to the front that's a boy.

4. Prefer foods that contain protein such as meat and prefer foods that are salty and sour that's a boy. Conversely, if you like sweet foods and fruits sign girls.

5. Sleeping position if the north prefer to believe a sign of the boys, but if you prefer to sleep instead southwards omen girls.

I have found no scientific proof, but of pregnant women experience these characteristics occur when they contain a son or a daughter.