Salt is a mineral essential for health. But, the current salt consumption is excessive that trigger many diseases. Can a person live without eating salt?

For people who have a disorder of high blood pressure or certain diseases like stroke, salt intake must be limited so as not to aggravate his condition.

As a result, people are now campaigning to avoid salt. But, the truth of the body, salt still needed because the naturally man can not live without salt.

"Salt is a substance that is essential for health. This is because the body can not make it and the cells the body needs salt to function optimally," says Aryan Aiyer, MD, director of the heart center at Magee-Women's Hospital of University of Pittsburgh, as quoted from Health.MSN.

Institute of Medicine recommends a person consume half a teaspoon of salt per day to get the levels of sodium is sufficient for the body. Sodium is an electrolyte that helps maintain muscle function and hydration. That's also what makes sports drinks typically contain sodium.

Naturally, someone will continue to lose sodium through sweat and also removed the urine. If sodium levels are not replenished, then the possibility of blood pressure will drop far enough and makes a person feel dizzy and see stars.

"Sodium or sodium in the body act like a sponge, that is to help the fluid to remain in your blood," said Rikki Keen, RD a nutrition instructor at the University of Alaska.

If a person consume too much water, the levels of sodium can trigger a sharp decline that someone had hyponatremia (low sodium levels). This condition could endanger the health and well someone's life.

So salt does not just make food taste more savory, but salt is also needed by the body to function optimally. But one thing should be kept in mind that consume salt as needed and do not overdo it.