The girls certainly glad to know their Barbie doll has a built-in camera. Unfortunately, it is widely criticized among the observers child psychologist and privacy policy. What cause?

Decision Mattel, the company that created the Barbie doll to complement it with lovely gadget of course not without cause. Given today's children are familiar with technology, Mattel did not miss a touch of modern technology for their products more attractive.

However, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald and quoted on Tuesday (11/02/2010), the emergence of Video Barbie Girl, so called, drawn criticism because it allows the children to record their video or others.

Dolls are priced at USD 109 or about USD 971 thousand is also equipped with a tiny LCD screen on the back, and the ability to record a 30-minute video that can be transferred to the computer.

It said a child psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack, who feared the toy like this is when misused in the online realm. "Basically this is a hidden camera, the kids do not understand the video clip as an adult perspective. There could be no proper recording that they upload to YouTube for example," said Sally.

In line with Sally, observers privacy policy from Liberty Victoria, Michael Pearce said such toys are susceptible to record events that can be personalized and distributed to the public.