The Risk of Exercise in the City of Pollution

Big city is always synonymous with high air pollution from vehicles or industry. Exercising in the middle of a city that has negative effects of air pollution.

If someone regularly exercise in the area of air pollution will have an adverse impact on health, especially for people who have chronic lung disease, heart disease or diabetes.

"When someone does a sport, even with a low intensity so it will breathe 10 times more than when you're resting," said Edward R. Laskowski, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.

In such conditions, people tend to inhale more deeply into the lungs and breathe through your mouth, so that filtering through the channel in the nose.

These factors will improve body contact with pollutants, the combination between air pollution and this will pose a risk sport.

Practicing Piano Prevent Risk for Falling On Parents

People who are old or elderly prone to falls due to balance his body which was not optimal. But, this turns out to be prevented by practicing the piano.

Researchers have found that older people should do exercises to play the piano, it is useful to reduce the risk of falling. This condition is somewhat unusual, because usually the means used to train the balance is by way of dancing or other physical exercises.

Doctors believe this condition is caused by exercising to music in this piano training can improve gait and balance the body. Obtained a group of participants who did the exercises for six months had dropped lower risk.

In this study, as many as 134 people who averaged 75 years old were randomly assigned to perform normal physical exercise or perform a set of music. The study was conducted over 6 months to take classes for one hour each week.

How many Calories Burned with Laughing?

Everything that is done by someone can burn calories throughout the day, including when she was laughing. But, how many calories are burned while people are laughing?

During this, community is very familiar with the term laughing is the best medicine, one of which is to burn calories in the body. Based on the study conducted by Vanderbilt University laughting can burn calories and also provide other health benefits for people who do.

Laughing can increase heart rate by 10-20 percent. As heart rate increases will make your metabolism faster that make calories burned in the body after a person stops laughing.

Studies at Vanderbilt University said that laughting can increase energy expenditure and air circulation. If someone laugh for 10-15 minutes, then he will burn calories as much as 10-40 calories. This depends of weight that is owned and activity level. Within a year, someone could down 4 pounds in a way quite enjoying themselves and laughing.

Laughing is Spontaneous, Cry is a Process

Someone will be easier to go laugh when seeing another person laugh, than by contributing to cry when I saw other people sad. Why is that? Because laughter is spontaneous but need a reason to cry.

Various expressions can be given someone like laughing, crying, sad or angry. Recent studies have shown that a person is born to laugh because laughter is instinctive even when born baby would cry.

Researchers found it very natural to laugh without a reason to do so. Meanwhile, people need a reason to cry that is usually learned through experience or need a learning process.

Expression laugh when tickled or laughing at a joke by researchers to be instinctive. But other emotional vocalizations such as crying can not be spontaneous.


Can People Live Without Eat Salt?

Salt is a mineral essential for health. But, the current salt consumption is excessive that trigger many diseases. Can a person live without eating salt?

For people who have a disorder of high blood pressure or certain diseases like stroke, salt intake must be limited so as not to aggravate his condition.

As a result, people are now campaigning to avoid salt. But, the truth of the body, salt still needed because the naturally man can not live without salt.

"Salt is a substance that is essential for health. This is because the body can not make it and the cells the body needs salt to function optimally," says Aryan Aiyer, MD, director of the heart center at Magee-Women's Hospital of University of Pittsburgh, as quoted from Health.MSN.

Guessing Baby Gender Without USG

Parents who want to know the sex of the baby usually will perform ultrasonography (USG) during the second trimester. But, you know there are also ways that no credible scientific hereditary almost most women in the world.

Ultrasound tests can not guarantee the accuracy of 100 percent to determine the sex but still believed the best way. Although up to now there are many who feel no need to know the sex of a baby through an ultrasound let no surprises at delivery.

Even so, traditional ways or maternal instincts also done a lot of women to simply guess the fruit of his heart. The result was not guaranteed 100 percent, but many pregnant women who have proven over hundreds of years.

Tetris Can Heal Trauma

If you want to give the game to victims of natural disasters to heal the traumatic experience of select toys tetris. This toy is more potent to overcome stress disorder due to traumatic experiences than snake ladder game.
Researchers from Oxford University, Emily Holmes proved that after conducting two experiments. The first experiment involved 60 participants while the second involved 75 participants, all were adults in good health.

In the first experiment, participants were told to watch movies that contain scenes of death and violence. After 30 minutes the movie ended, participants were divided into 3 groups with different treatments.

20,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide Produced from Food Each Year

Impact of global warming will be more so, if people do not immediately limit air pollution, mainly from industrial and transportation. Coz for food only, each man has contributed to the pollution as much as 2 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

That number already includes various stages of preparation of food, ranging from cultivation, processing, packaging to distribution and sales. Of the total emissions produced by humans each year, the stages that pollution contributes about 20 percent.

Claudia Schiffer Soon Launch Clothing Line

Another business model that will enliven the fashion world. This time shift the German model, Claudia Schiffer.

Claudia's face was more often appear in fashion show or fashion house campaign. Now he will try his fortune as a businessman clothing line. That he made while in the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show at Milan Fashion Week some time ago.

Quoted from Aceshowbiz, Claudia Schiffer's clothing line will be launched in early 2011.

Barbie Camera 'Combated' Child Psychologist

The girls certainly glad to know their Barbie doll has a built-in camera. Unfortunately, it is widely criticized among the observers child psychologist and privacy policy. What cause?

Decision Mattel, the company that created the Barbie doll to complement it with lovely gadget of course not without cause. Given today's children are familiar with technology, Mattel did not miss a touch of modern technology for their products more attractive.

However, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald and quoted on Tuesday (11/02/2010), the emergence of Video Barbie Girl, so called, drawn criticism because it allows the children to record their video or others.

Intel Processors Tablet Promises Early 2011

Atom processor specifically tablets, with the nickname Oak Trail, previously announced by Intel at Computex event, Taiwan, mid-2010. Now, as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (02/11/2010), Intel promises Oak Trail is present in early 2011.

Anil Nanduri, Marketing Director of Intel Corp., said the development of Oak Trail is on schedule. He also stressed the improvement in energy consumption of the Atom processor.

"Consumption is the biggest in the tablet to the screen. In the case of the use of idle, we can compete with any solutions out there," he said.

Sony Ericsson promises Android 2.1 on Xperia X8

Thirst Sony Ericsson mobile phone users will udpate Android OS will be satisfied. After the distribution of Android Eclair on X10, X10 and X10 mini mini pros began on last week, X8 Xperia handset will also get their turn.

Sony Ericsson promises, upgrade Eclair or Android 2.1 will be visited by users X8 before closing in 2010. They said it would explain the details some time to come.

Xperia X8 including Android phones irresistible to consumers, because the price is affordable in the range of USD 2 million. It's just taking Android phone is still old school, which is version 1.6.

Organs Can be Donated After the Man Dead

There are some people volunteer to donate organs or tissue to others after death. This is of course very happy for people who have long waited for 'gift' from people who have died. What organs and tissues can be donated after people die?

Modern matching tissue, surgical techniques, as well as anti-rejection drugs have allowed the miracle took place in the form of transplant (transplant), organ and tissue.