From a study of water by Japanese scientists Dr.Masaru Emoto, we know that water is ALIVE and can give a positive or negative responses to humans. This study deserves thumbs up for having to prove verse in the Qur'an: "And we created from water every living thing ..." (al-Anbiya (21): 30). Dr.Masaru Emoto get the crystal water photograph, the first in the world with his best friend Kazuya Ishibashi (a scientist who specializes in microscope). Photographs of water crystals are obtained by freezing the water at a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and photographed by means of high-speed photographs.

The result is that water was able to respond to words, pictures and music either positively or negatively. If we say the water the words about love and thanks, then the results of crystal water was really awesome picture that is formed beautiful hexagonal water crystals. Conversely, if we say the water line "you're stupid" then it will not form crystals, the picture is so ugly. That is why today we must treat water in a good way because of the good treatment on water means water that we consume will have a good impact too to our bodies. Water that is capable of forming a hexagonal water could release toxins in our bodies. Experiments on the water not only carried in words but also in music.

It turned out that classical music can change the water forms into beautiful crystals, while heavy metal music not. Matters relating to the benefits of water as a spiritual healing is also amazing. Water that has been granted the prayer was able to form the hexagonal crystals very beautiful.

With this research, it is clear that alternative treatment through water that has been given a prayer, could give relief to even severe disease. At first, lot of people think of healing diseases through water which prayer is given is mystic, by science has proven that prayer which is recited in the water capable of transforming water into healing water. So, everything is in line with science. Dr.Masimoto’s research covers not only water but also other foods that were able to provide positive and negative reactions. This is the secret why we are encouraged by religion to pray before eating / drinking. A good prayer was going to be able to change the water / food into something good for the body. This study truly makes us aware that speech, thought and deed that no good can actually be a negative energy drain that changes things get bad. The tsunami in Aceh is evidence that the natural (water) has responded to the fear, anger, sadness of the people of Aceh for decades.

The result is that water responds in a negative and turned to hit their own. For that let us be careful! Our own body was composed of 70% water. If we have negative thoughts, the water in our bodies would also form a negative pattern. The result could even cause illness or other problems.

It is not surprising that stress was a very big contribution to the occurrence of disease. With this brilliant invention, it is time for us all to have positive thoughts! Positive thinking will emit energy wave within ourselves so that health will get better because the water in our bodies will form a pattern of good energy, too. So, this positive energy will affect the environment around us to have a positive impact for us. The result is that success will only happen if we think positive! : Fortune plus smooth, harmonious family, etc..

By familiarize yourself with positive thinking, then surely we will be able to inhibit negative energy that hit us, whether in the form of illness, stress, magic, etc. This has been evidenced also by Masimoto : water that has been given a prayer / positive sentences still remain to form crystals and then played despite negative words. So what are you waiting!?? Think positive from now on! Source: The book "The True Power of Water”