On condition that has been advanced, mostly elderly underappreciated, alienated from the life of society and not infrequently they become displaced.

This phenomenon occurs because of the shift in the traditional cultural values, that they adhere to norms that consider parents part of family that can not be separated and is based on a strong kinship ties and parents are respected and valued so that the children have an obligation to take care of parents.

However, this norm becomes increasingly reduced by the development of civilization. On the other hand, some of the younger people still think that the elderly do not need to be active in the affairs of daily life.
All the things described above would worsen the function of social integration of the elderly with their environment so that the gap between the elderly and those who are younger. As a result, the elderly living in isolation and loneliness that eventually can lead to depression and immune deficiencies with all manifestations of a disease that can provoke.

Therefore, in the context of the elderly cope with loneliness in terms of socio-cultural and psychological means seniors need to improve its communication with other people or society, and community members need to create the conditions for a harmonious life together.

Please note, we actually do not suddenly get old when we reach the age of 65, when a grandfather or grandmother, or when experiencing menopose.

We're only old if you feel old, if we adopt the attitude of depending on others, not independently, limiting physical activity and mental, as well as limiting the scope of interaction with others.

Indeed, every person needs social relationships with others who are familiar and profound. Loneliness is an inner pain and to eliminate the meaning of life and one's existence as social beings may only occur if social relations are not met. In terms of sociological person experiences loneliness because they feel alienated, unable to adjust to the environment, and changes in kinship patterns.

Some things can be done to overcome the loneliness of the elderly can be a socialization of the existence of the elderly, increasing the role of elderly within the organization, the socialization of cultural values of local tribes, building relationships across generations, cultivate living in a home with the elderly, as well as hold informal education for the elderly.