The founder of Baidu Become the Richest Man in China

The name of Robin Li may still lose fame with Bill Gates. But in China, founder of internet search engine Baidu that now occupy the ranks of China's richest man according to Forbes magazine.

44-year-old Li had total wealth doubled from a year ago to $ 7.2 billion. This success put him in position number two in the order of 14 large.

Yes, Google's declining popularity among Internet users in China contributed significantly increase Baidu shares. Inevitably, the co-founder of Baidu, too splattered glory.

Nuclear Bomb Now No Need Missiles, Simply Put it in Cargo Plane

Bombing nuclear-tipped bombs are now no longer have to be launched into the target with missiles between countries or between continents. Simply put bombs on passenger jets and cargo planes full of passengers navigate to the target.

"There are such tendencies. That's why the U.S. government is now very careful about the cargo," said Robert E Kelley, an American nuclear scientist.

It was mentioned by Kelley in a discussion about Burma's nuclear ambitions at the Hotel Akmani, Jl Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta, Thursday (28/10/2010).

Oldest Plant 472 Million Years Old

Scientists have discovered fossils of the oldest plants in the world an estimated 472 million-year-old in Argentina.

The fossil is the moss heart, a simple species that do not have roots or stems. "The possibility of this plant is the ancestor of all plants," said Dr Rubeinstein from the Department of Paleontology at the Argentine Institute of Snow, Ice and Environmental Research in Mendoza, Argentina.

According to him, heart moss is one of the oldest plant species because it has a very simple spores, called cryptospores. Plants are thought to have evolved from algae is found in the Sierras Subandinas region, northwestern Argentina.

Before the discovery of fossils of heart mosses, the scientists named the species of plants from Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic as the oldest plant in the world with 462 million years old.


From a study of water by Japanese scientists Dr.Masaru Emoto, we know that water is ALIVE and can give a positive or negative responses to humans. This study deserves thumbs up for having to prove verse in the Qur'an: "And we created from water every living thing ..." (al-Anbiya (21): 30). Dr.Masaru Emoto get the crystal water photograph, the first in the world with his best friend Kazuya Ishibashi (a scientist who specializes in microscope). Photographs of water crystals are obtained by freezing the water at a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and photographed by means of high-speed photographs.

The result is that water was able to respond to words, pictures and music either positively or negatively. If we say the water the words about love and thanks, then the results of crystal water was really awesome picture that is formed beautiful hexagonal water crystals. Conversely, if we say the water line "you're stupid" then it will not form crystals, the picture is so ugly. That is why today we must treat water in a good way because of the good treatment on water means water that we consume will have a good impact too to our bodies. Water that is capable of forming a hexagonal water could release toxins in our bodies. Experiments on the water not only carried in words but also in music.

Don’t Be Old and Lonely

On condition that has been advanced, mostly elderly underappreciated, alienated from the life of society and not infrequently they become displaced.

This phenomenon occurs because of the shift in the traditional cultural values, that they adhere to norms that consider parents part of family that can not be separated and is based on a strong kinship ties and parents are respected and valued so that the children have an obligation to take care of parents.

However, this norm becomes increasingly reduced by the development of civilization. On the other hand, some of the younger people still think that the elderly do not need to be active in the affairs of daily life.
All the things described above would worsen the function of social integration of the elderly with their environment so that the gap between the elderly and those who are younger. As a result, the elderly living in isolation and loneliness that eventually can lead to depression and immune deficiencies with all manifestations of a disease that can provoke.

Why Fish Meat is White???

Why most of fish meat white, whereas other meat is red? Isn’t fish also has blood? And why if you cook fish, it will cooked faster than other meat?

Of course, it’s not just because fish always in water in its whole life. Fish meat has different character than most other meat from walking animal, reptile, and flying animal coz of some reason.

First, swimming is not heavy thing for fish, at least compare with horse and deer who have to race in savannah or birds who have to clapped the wings continuously in the air. This is why fish muscles not develop as other animal’s muscle. Elephant for example, it has to work harder fighting back gravitation even when it want to step, that’s why elephant’s muscle is very growing and hard.