Bath time is the moment for babies and most children always waiting. Well, Scientists said they love to play in water. Do you know why?

Babies and children love playing water because this activity remind them when they still in womb. 9 months they live in bag of water in their mother’s stomach. That’s why, sometimes so hard for us to stop them from their bath. Don’t need to loud shout and make them scared, if they already reach of majority (4-7 months), invite them to swim.

But, don’t be surprised if your baby still afraid to get into the pool. This was normal, because the volume of water in the swimming pool or so much more than the water in their bath tub. All you’ve got to do is creating a comfortable and safe condition to make them sure he/she safe. Said “Mom will never let you go until you can do it by yourself.” So, don’t ever let her/him go, this will make their confidence gone and don’t be surprised if they refuse to swim someday.

To introduce them, you can train them by fill their bath fuller than usually. Keep trying until he/she can do some “swim movement”. Swimming is very useful for babies :

1. Drilled muscle and Physic
Swimming make your baby move all her/his body, arms, legs and other part of body which automatically train their muscle.

2. Drilled Balance
When baby float in the water, he/she automatically train their balance. Many style he/she can do to train coordination between arms, legs and body. Other senses also been stimulated by swimming.

3. Make the baby’s sleep high-quality
After swim, he/she will feel tired, that’s why their sleep will be sound asleep. Don’t forget to fill his/her stomach before sleep so they will not a wake in the middle of the night.

Things you can do:
  1. Don’t you ever scared them, cause this will withdraw their enthusiasm and spirit.
  2. Better wear swimming suit for baby, not only underwear.