10 Effective Ways to Apologize

Deniss R. Tesdell, a writer and a personal development trainer, International Coach Federation, serve you 10 ways to apologize. Tesdell said, this method can be success depends on the problems, how you do it, who is the person you point to and the situation.

If you really want to apologize, check this Tesdell’s technique:

1. Approaching through phone

Telephone often used as media to apologize which directly to the target. Sometimes phone become the best choice. If you hurt someone feeling and that person are not in town, then an honest apologize will be accepted. Sometimes people not ready to hear an apologize. But, if distance become a problem, your motive will be understood.

2. Write a letter

Write a letter, whether love letter, friendship letter, or letter that express a regrets feelings, could be a big messenger which had a big influence to someone. Letter is so effective especially if you too nervous, had trouble to face someone directly, or live so far from them. It’s so wise if you write the concept first. Finish the concept, allow it a night, then read it again the day after. Make sure that letter really represent your purpose and aim. A quite mind and emotion often makes someone can say something better. Remember, what you write once could be stay “alive" in a long term period. Make sure you ready and prepared every consequence from the letter you write.

3. E-mail or Voicemail

Technology is so helpful and gives you many options to communicate. If you hard to communicate through telephone or letter, or for some reason, you can choose e-mail or voicemail. e-mail or voicemail could be struck you back if the person you sent to just allow it or even let other people read it. If you truly and really want to express what you feel in every word you said or write, you don’t have to worry. If you use voicemail, better you make concept first. The duration time should be 30 – 60 seconds. Watch your intonation.

Teach Your Baby to Swim

Bath time is the moment for babies and most children always waiting. Well, Scientists said they love to play in water. Do you know why?

Babies and children love playing water because this activity remind them when they still in womb. 9 months they live in bag of water in their mother’s stomach. That’s why, sometimes so hard for us to stop them from their bath. Don’t need to loud shout and make them scared, if they already reach of majority (4-7 months), invite them to swim.

But, don’t be surprised if your baby still afraid to get into the pool. This was normal, because the volume of water in the swimming pool or so much more than the water in their bath tub. All you’ve got to do is creating a comfortable and safe condition to make them sure he/she safe. Said “Mom will never let you go until you can do it by yourself.” So, don’t ever let her/him go, this will make their confidence gone and don’t be surprised if they refuse to swim someday.

5 Youngest Mothers in The Medical History

Linda Medina (5 years)
Born September 27, 1933, in Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru, Linda Medina was the youngest girl ever to give birth. She was just 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days when her 2.7 kg son Gerardo was born. Linda got attendance of her parents when they noticed abnormal increase of her belly; she was thought to have had a tumor but when Linda was taken to hospital, there they get to know about her pregnancy. The mystery remains unsolved about the father of Gerardo.
Gerardo was raised believing that Medina was his sister, but found out at the age of 10 that she was his mother. He grew up healthy but died in 1979 at the age of 40 of a bone marrow disease

(age 8, Lima)
A girl from Huanuco, Peru, gave birth to a baby weighing 2 kg (4.4 lb) by caesarean section at a hospital in Lima in December 2006. Her ninth birthday occurred a couple of days later. She became pregnant after being raped by two of her cousins.

200,000,000 Vehicles in 2020 at China’s Road

The number of vehicles on China's roads will more than double to at least 200,000,000 by 2020, said the top official on Monday, further straining the nation's environment and energy supply.

China must make it a top priority to develop fuel-efficient and alternative energy cars. China's auto sales is the biggest in the world, hit to 13.64 million units last year, overtaking the US as the world's top car market, while sales this year are forecast to hit 15 million units.

The Richest Country In the Earth Which Rid Out from the World’s Eye

The Richest Country In the Earth Which Rid Out from the World’s Eye
People don’t know, where is the richest country in this planet. Some people say US is the richest country, some say countries in the middle east. Well, it’s not totally wrong. For example, US is a super country and super power had a very high technology advancement which only few countries could emulated it. Other example, countries in middle east, most of thoase countries which cover with desert and had an extreme weather had millions barrel of oils which ready to be worked

But, all of those riches and wealth still can’t beat this country, even US. Countries in middle east and Uni-Europe also can’t beat it. And this is the richest country in this planet which Rid Out from the world’s eye. Citizen of this country must be proud if they know, but unfortunetly they don’t realize that they “stand on diamonds”!! Let’s see this country profile ……

Oxford English Dictionary : Available Only Online

The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary may never appear in print and instead be accessible only online.

A team of 80 lexicographers are preparing the third edition of the OED, but with more than a decade of work ahead of them and digital books fast gaining popularity, the publishers are hedging their bets on what format it will take.

"The first edition of the multi-volume Oxford English Dictionary was fully published in 1928, and the second edition in 1989," a spokeswoman for Oxford University Press said Tuesday.

China Ring Big Alarm over Yangtze Environmental Damage

China will spend billions of dollars treating sewage and planting forests to arrest massive environmental degradation along the Yangtze river and its Three Gorges reservoir, officials said Tuesday. 

With a record-high dumped wastes of 30.5 billion tons, the Yangtze River in China can be considered as a ‘giant toilet bowl’ of Asia as waste production and illegal dumping in the area continue to worsen. Xinhua news agency reported the recent case of industrial, farming and human waste production in China has doubled compared a couple of decades ago with a 3.1 percent increase or 900 million tons of added trash being thrown in the river.

"Generally speaking, the ecological state (of the river) is still far from what the Communist Party and people are demanding," forestry minister Jia Zhibang told journalists.

"For numerous reasons, the forests on both sides of the river have been seriously degraded, leading to bare mountains and hills that have led to repeated natural disasters " such as landslides.