'Touchable' 3D TV Technology

TOKYO : World's first 3D television system that allows users to touch, pinch or poke images floating in front of them : 'Touchable' 3D TV Technology

"It is the first time that you can feel images in the air," said Norio Nakamura, senior scientist with the research team at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

"You can have the sense of touch like poking a rubber ball or stretching a sticky rice cake" when manipulating images, he told AFP by telephone.

Powering Homes with Electricity from the Air

Electricity collected from the air could become the newest alternative energy source. Scientists have been such device to capture electricity from the air. It works much like solar cells capture sunlight and using them to light a house or recharge an electric car.

If we know how electricity builds up and spreads in the atmosphere, we can also prevent death and damage caused by lightning strikes, noting that lightning causes thousands of deaths and injuries worldwide and millions of dollars in property damage.

The notion of harnessing the power of electricity formed naturally has tantalized scientists for centuries. Sparks of static electricity formed as steam escaped from boilers. Workers who touched the steam even got painful electrical shocks. It's the electricity formed, for instance, when water vapor collects on microscopic particles of dust and other material in the air. But until now, scientists lacked adequate knowledge about the processes involved in formation and release of electricity from water in the atmosphere.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
The NBC Friday Night Lights season 4 has come to an end with a Thanksgiving celebration. The NBC series is going out with an emotional, it solidifies itself as the best network television drama we saw all year.

Nine of words I hoped I would never say: Eric and Tami Taylor had their separate ways. I'm not talking about a strong partner in the heart of Friday Night Lights but their extraordinary portrayers, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Although the fifth and final season, the show not air (the premiere on DirecTV this fall), the cast and crew wrapped up last week in Austin, at which point the Britton moved back to Los Angeles, leaving Chandler behind in Texas with his wife and their two daughters. Here, in their first interview together since production ended, the actors look back on five years of their marriage work, reveals the secret behind the screen innovative relationships, and argue about who they were rooting almost come Emmy night.

Harvest Crusade

Harvest Crusade
Starting Friday (8/6) night, the Harvest Crusade will return to Southern California’s Orange County for the 21st straight year. When Lynn’s son Bryce went to the annual Harvest Crusade, a Christian music and evangelism event, she had no way of knowing he would be lured into a cultic group known as the Twelve Tribes. The 2010 Harvest Crusade will bring some of the top names in Christian music, including David Crowder Band, Phil Wickham, Sanctus Real, Steven Curtis Chapman and MercyMe, and The Katinas.

The Twelve Tribes regularly field teams of proselytizers to intercept new converts and their friends as they leave the Crusade. Dancing and distributing literature around their brightly painted “hippie bus” in the Angel Stadium parking lot, Twelve Tribes members invite passerby’s to commit themselves to a more authentic Christian lifestyle in their “messianic communities.”

1000 IDR Become 1 IDR Only

Is that true if we had 1000 IDR, it only value 1 IDR?
Yes, its true

Bank of Indonesia estimated this re-denomination  needs approximately about 10 years. First step that Central bank will do is socialization from 2011 and will be end at 2022.

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Picture
Chelsea Clinton (30) got married to Marc Mezvinsky (32) within a secret ceremony at Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, New York on Saturday. There were about 500 guests at the Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Roads were blocked off and the locals were sworn to secrecy. Even the government got involved, declaring the area a no fly zone!

On Saturday morning, Rhinebeck erupted with cameras, tourists, Bill Clinton masks, limousines and people just trying to get ready for Chelsea and Marc's wedding. By the afternoon, Roger Clinton and Ted Danson were out, along with TV reporters, t-shirt vendors and several people dressed up as mice with signs.