Justin Bieber Smoking Weed
Does Justin Bieber smoking weed? Bieber fans (Beliebers) are searching to the Internet to find out if the rumor is true. Let's check it out.

The rumor of Justin Bieber smoking weed has circulated through the Internet and comes close to topping the number one Justin Bieber rumor, "Is Justin Bieber dead?". Justin Bieber has made headlines recently for several things. He is starring in the season premier of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in September as troubled teen (Jason McCan) and he has been targeted by the anti-gay pseudo church Westboro Baptist.

Justin Bieber has not been caught for smoking weed, photographed with weed or arrested for smoking weed. It is possible that this rumor was spread from the debut of Justin who worked on CSI and the fact that he posted pictures of herself wearing her orange uniform on Twitter and referred to himself as the bad guys. For those who do not realize that Justin was acting in the show hits, it is understandable confusion that may have determined entry.

Justin Bieber still cling to the image and not doing anything for peace. Apparently, the most embarrassing thing that Justin has really done is flirt with Tina Fey SNL skit over and jump through the Caribbean waters while holding the hands of Kim Kardashian's.

So does Justin Bieber smoking weed? You answered it.