10 Countries Least Health to Tourists Visited

One of the famous tourist destination is the Indian slums. Even so, the number of tourists who fall ill while visiting this country is still losing a lot of Egyptians who recently was named the nation's most unhealthy place to visit.
Statistics released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in England showed 82 out of 100,000 tourists who visit Egypt suffered indigestion. This figure is the highest recorded among the countries most popular tourist destinations around the world.

India which is known as one of the most rundown in the world and experienced many outbreaks of disease, it only ranked 2nd. Of the 100,000 visits of tourists to the country, only 65 people who have digestive disorders, especially diarrhea.

These countries occupy the top 2 positions in the list of 10 most unhealthy states to visit, which was released by the HPA. Rank was prepared based on 24,322 reported cases of gastrointestinal infections experienced by British tourists between the years 2004-2008.

The release also said, nearly 50 percent of the tourists suffered an infection caused by salmonella bacteria. This type of bacteria is most commonly transmitted in the restaurants and pools are not clean or less hygienic.

The Best Water for Drinking is In The Volcanic Mountains

Humans need a clean ground water for consumption. But, not all decent spring consumed, due to its nature and its contents are always different. The best source of drinking water is the source of water contained in the volcanic mountain.

"The best source of drinking water comes from mountain springs of volcanic origin in the ground water. It is based on scientific explanation that the volcanic mountain spring water is relatively free of pollution, containing a natural mineral that is balanced and meets the three conditions characteristic of a good source of ground water," said Prof. Dr. Sari Bahagiarti, MSc., hydrogeological experts from UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, in the event Anugerah Abikarya Syandana 'Water is a natural goodness and benefits for the body' in the House of Imam Bondjol, Menteng, Jakarta.

Prof. Sari explained that the three conditions characteristic of a good source of ground water is the quality, quantity and continuity. In terms of quality, meaning that the source of drinking water meets the standards of three measurements, the physical properties, chemical and biological.
From the physical aspect, the source of drinking water should not be colorless, odorless, tasteless and turbid. From the aspect of chemistry, materials drinking water should not contain heavy metals (eg mercury, nickel, lead, zinc and silver), or toxic substances such as hydrocarbons and detergents.

Swallow Worms Eggs to Treat Intestinal Inflammation

Worm may be known as a disgusting animal. But, swallowing roundworm eggs or worms known as therapy, can give hope to cure intestinal inflammation.
A study showed people who swallow the worm eggs to treat inflammatory bowel showed better results. This gives a hint of the possibility of worm therapy can help heal the intestinal inflammation that can cause chronic inflammation of the digestive tract.

"Our findings in this case report suggests that swallowing roundworm eggs of T. trichiura can reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease," said lead researcher P'ng Loke, assistant professor in the department of medical parasitology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Loke said that this result can also lead to new treatment methods to deal with other diseases. For example, inflammation of the colon (inflammatory bowel disease / IBD) is currently treated with drugs that do not always work properly and can cause serious side effects.

The results of this study was published in the Dec. 1 issue of Science Translational Medicine.

Wow! There Pants In Anti Odour Farts

When suffering from abdominal bloating, a person often feels miserable when in public places for fear of wasting the wind that can cause odor. But now, do not need to worry, researchers recently discovered panties that can reduce odor, including the smell of fart.

People who experience stomach bloating now need not worry should dispose of the wind in a public place, because of Australian researchers have discovered and market briefs that can reduce and prevent the smell out.

The specially made underwear for men by using nanaoteknologi designed to prevent the dreadful smell out through the fabric.
The idea of making this special underpants originated from a businessman in Australia has held helpless shame when experiencing abdominal bloating in his office.

The Risk of Exercise in the City of Pollution

Big city is always synonymous with high air pollution from vehicles or industry. Exercising in the middle of a city that has negative effects of air pollution.

If someone regularly exercise in the area of air pollution will have an adverse impact on health, especially for people who have chronic lung disease, heart disease or diabetes.

"When someone does a sport, even with a low intensity so it will breathe 10 times more than when you're resting," said Edward R. Laskowski, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.

In such conditions, people tend to inhale more deeply into the lungs and breathe through your mouth, so that filtering through the channel in the nose.

These factors will improve body contact with pollutants, the combination between air pollution and this will pose a risk sport.

Practicing Piano Prevent Risk for Falling On Parents

People who are old or elderly prone to falls due to balance his body which was not optimal. But, this turns out to be prevented by practicing the piano.

Researchers have found that older people should do exercises to play the piano, it is useful to reduce the risk of falling. This condition is somewhat unusual, because usually the means used to train the balance is by way of dancing or other physical exercises.

Doctors believe this condition is caused by exercising to music in this piano training can improve gait and balance the body. Obtained a group of participants who did the exercises for six months had dropped lower risk.

In this study, as many as 134 people who averaged 75 years old were randomly assigned to perform normal physical exercise or perform a set of music. The study was conducted over 6 months to take classes for one hour each week.

How many Calories Burned with Laughing?

Everything that is done by someone can burn calories throughout the day, including when she was laughing. But, how many calories are burned while people are laughing?

During this, community is very familiar with the term laughing is the best medicine, one of which is to burn calories in the body. Based on the study conducted by Vanderbilt University laughting can burn calories and also provide other health benefits for people who do.

Laughing can increase heart rate by 10-20 percent. As heart rate increases will make your metabolism faster that make calories burned in the body after a person stops laughing.

Studies at Vanderbilt University said that laughting can increase energy expenditure and air circulation. If someone laugh for 10-15 minutes, then he will burn calories as much as 10-40 calories. This depends of weight that is owned and activity level. Within a year, someone could down 4 pounds in a way quite enjoying themselves and laughing.

Laughing is Spontaneous, Cry is a Process

Someone will be easier to go laugh when seeing another person laugh, than by contributing to cry when I saw other people sad. Why is that? Because laughter is spontaneous but need a reason to cry.

Various expressions can be given someone like laughing, crying, sad or angry. Recent studies have shown that a person is born to laugh because laughter is instinctive even when born baby would cry.

Researchers found it very natural to laugh without a reason to do so. Meanwhile, people need a reason to cry that is usually learned through experience or need a learning process.

Expression laugh when tickled or laughing at a joke by researchers to be instinctive. But other emotional vocalizations such as crying can not be spontaneous.


Can People Live Without Eat Salt?

Salt is a mineral essential for health. But, the current salt consumption is excessive that trigger many diseases. Can a person live without eating salt?

For people who have a disorder of high blood pressure or certain diseases like stroke, salt intake must be limited so as not to aggravate his condition.

As a result, people are now campaigning to avoid salt. But, the truth of the body, salt still needed because the naturally man can not live without salt.

"Salt is a substance that is essential for health. This is because the body can not make it and the cells the body needs salt to function optimally," says Aryan Aiyer, MD, director of the heart center at Magee-Women's Hospital of University of Pittsburgh, as quoted from Health.MSN.

Guessing Baby Gender Without USG

Parents who want to know the sex of the baby usually will perform ultrasonography (USG) during the second trimester. But, you know there are also ways that no credible scientific hereditary almost most women in the world.

Ultrasound tests can not guarantee the accuracy of 100 percent to determine the sex but still believed the best way. Although up to now there are many who feel no need to know the sex of a baby through an ultrasound let no surprises at delivery.

Even so, traditional ways or maternal instincts also done a lot of women to simply guess the fruit of his heart. The result was not guaranteed 100 percent, but many pregnant women who have proven over hundreds of years.

Tetris Can Heal Trauma

If you want to give the game to victims of natural disasters to heal the traumatic experience of select toys tetris. This toy is more potent to overcome stress disorder due to traumatic experiences than snake ladder game.
Researchers from Oxford University, Emily Holmes proved that after conducting two experiments. The first experiment involved 60 participants while the second involved 75 participants, all were adults in good health.

In the first experiment, participants were told to watch movies that contain scenes of death and violence. After 30 minutes the movie ended, participants were divided into 3 groups with different treatments.

20,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide Produced from Food Each Year

Impact of global warming will be more so, if people do not immediately limit air pollution, mainly from industrial and transportation. Coz for food only, each man has contributed to the pollution as much as 2 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

That number already includes various stages of preparation of food, ranging from cultivation, processing, packaging to distribution and sales. Of the total emissions produced by humans each year, the stages that pollution contributes about 20 percent.

Claudia Schiffer Soon Launch Clothing Line

Another business model that will enliven the fashion world. This time shift the German model, Claudia Schiffer.

Claudia's face was more often appear in fashion show or fashion house campaign. Now he will try his fortune as a businessman clothing line. That he made while in the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show at Milan Fashion Week some time ago.

Quoted from Aceshowbiz, Claudia Schiffer's clothing line will be launched in early 2011.

Barbie Camera 'Combated' Child Psychologist

The girls certainly glad to know their Barbie doll has a built-in camera. Unfortunately, it is widely criticized among the observers child psychologist and privacy policy. What cause?

Decision Mattel, the company that created the Barbie doll to complement it with lovely gadget of course not without cause. Given today's children are familiar with technology, Mattel did not miss a touch of modern technology for their products more attractive.

However, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald and quoted on Tuesday (11/02/2010), the emergence of Video Barbie Girl, so called, drawn criticism because it allows the children to record their video or others.

Intel Processors Tablet Promises Early 2011

Atom processor specifically tablets, with the nickname Oak Trail, previously announced by Intel at Computex event, Taiwan, mid-2010. Now, as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (02/11/2010), Intel promises Oak Trail is present in early 2011.

Anil Nanduri, Marketing Director of Intel Corp., said the development of Oak Trail is on schedule. He also stressed the improvement in energy consumption of the Atom processor.

"Consumption is the biggest in the tablet to the screen. In the case of the use of idle, we can compete with any solutions out there," he said.

Sony Ericsson promises Android 2.1 on Xperia X8

Thirst Sony Ericsson mobile phone users will udpate Android OS will be satisfied. After the distribution of Android Eclair on X10, X10 and X10 mini mini pros began on last week, X8 Xperia handset will also get their turn.

Sony Ericsson promises, upgrade Eclair or Android 2.1 will be visited by users X8 before closing in 2010. They said it would explain the details some time to come.

Xperia X8 including Android phones irresistible to consumers, because the price is affordable in the range of USD 2 million. It's just taking Android phone is still old school, which is version 1.6.

Organs Can be Donated After the Man Dead

There are some people volunteer to donate organs or tissue to others after death. This is of course very happy for people who have long waited for 'gift' from people who have died. What organs and tissues can be donated after people die?

Modern matching tissue, surgical techniques, as well as anti-rejection drugs have allowed the miracle took place in the form of transplant (transplant), organ and tissue.

The founder of Baidu Become the Richest Man in China

The name of Robin Li may still lose fame with Bill Gates. But in China, founder of internet search engine Baidu that now occupy the ranks of China's richest man according to Forbes magazine.

44-year-old Li had total wealth doubled from a year ago to $ 7.2 billion. This success put him in position number two in the order of 14 large.

Yes, Google's declining popularity among Internet users in China contributed significantly increase Baidu shares. Inevitably, the co-founder of Baidu, too splattered glory.

Nuclear Bomb Now No Need Missiles, Simply Put it in Cargo Plane

Bombing nuclear-tipped bombs are now no longer have to be launched into the target with missiles between countries or between continents. Simply put bombs on passenger jets and cargo planes full of passengers navigate to the target.

"There are such tendencies. That's why the U.S. government is now very careful about the cargo," said Robert E Kelley, an American nuclear scientist.

It was mentioned by Kelley in a discussion about Burma's nuclear ambitions at the Hotel Akmani, Jl Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta, Thursday (28/10/2010).

Oldest Plant 472 Million Years Old

Scientists have discovered fossils of the oldest plants in the world an estimated 472 million-year-old in Argentina.

The fossil is the moss heart, a simple species that do not have roots or stems. "The possibility of this plant is the ancestor of all plants," said Dr Rubeinstein from the Department of Paleontology at the Argentine Institute of Snow, Ice and Environmental Research in Mendoza, Argentina.

According to him, heart moss is one of the oldest plant species because it has a very simple spores, called cryptospores. Plants are thought to have evolved from algae is found in the Sierras Subandinas region, northwestern Argentina.

Before the discovery of fossils of heart mosses, the scientists named the species of plants from Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic as the oldest plant in the world with 462 million years old.


From a study of water by Japanese scientists Dr.Masaru Emoto, we know that water is ALIVE and can give a positive or negative responses to humans. This study deserves thumbs up for having to prove verse in the Qur'an: "And we created from water every living thing ..." (al-Anbiya (21): 30). Dr.Masaru Emoto get the crystal water photograph, the first in the world with his best friend Kazuya Ishibashi (a scientist who specializes in microscope). Photographs of water crystals are obtained by freezing the water at a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and photographed by means of high-speed photographs.

The result is that water was able to respond to words, pictures and music either positively or negatively. If we say the water the words about love and thanks, then the results of crystal water was really awesome picture that is formed beautiful hexagonal water crystals. Conversely, if we say the water line "you're stupid" then it will not form crystals, the picture is so ugly. That is why today we must treat water in a good way because of the good treatment on water means water that we consume will have a good impact too to our bodies. Water that is capable of forming a hexagonal water could release toxins in our bodies. Experiments on the water not only carried in words but also in music.

Don’t Be Old and Lonely

On condition that has been advanced, mostly elderly underappreciated, alienated from the life of society and not infrequently they become displaced.

This phenomenon occurs because of the shift in the traditional cultural values, that they adhere to norms that consider parents part of family that can not be separated and is based on a strong kinship ties and parents are respected and valued so that the children have an obligation to take care of parents.

However, this norm becomes increasingly reduced by the development of civilization. On the other hand, some of the younger people still think that the elderly do not need to be active in the affairs of daily life.
All the things described above would worsen the function of social integration of the elderly with their environment so that the gap between the elderly and those who are younger. As a result, the elderly living in isolation and loneliness that eventually can lead to depression and immune deficiencies with all manifestations of a disease that can provoke.

Why Fish Meat is White???

Why most of fish meat white, whereas other meat is red? Isn’t fish also has blood? And why if you cook fish, it will cooked faster than other meat?

Of course, it’s not just because fish always in water in its whole life. Fish meat has different character than most other meat from walking animal, reptile, and flying animal coz of some reason.

First, swimming is not heavy thing for fish, at least compare with horse and deer who have to race in savannah or birds who have to clapped the wings continuously in the air. This is why fish muscles not develop as other animal’s muscle. Elephant for example, it has to work harder fighting back gravitation even when it want to step, that’s why elephant’s muscle is very growing and hard.

10 Effective Ways to Apologize

Deniss R. Tesdell, a writer and a personal development trainer, International Coach Federation, serve you 10 ways to apologize. Tesdell said, this method can be success depends on the problems, how you do it, who is the person you point to and the situation.

If you really want to apologize, check this Tesdell’s technique:

1. Approaching through phone

Telephone often used as media to apologize which directly to the target. Sometimes phone become the best choice. If you hurt someone feeling and that person are not in town, then an honest apologize will be accepted. Sometimes people not ready to hear an apologize. But, if distance become a problem, your motive will be understood.

2. Write a letter

Write a letter, whether love letter, friendship letter, or letter that express a regrets feelings, could be a big messenger which had a big influence to someone. Letter is so effective especially if you too nervous, had trouble to face someone directly, or live so far from them. It’s so wise if you write the concept first. Finish the concept, allow it a night, then read it again the day after. Make sure that letter really represent your purpose and aim. A quite mind and emotion often makes someone can say something better. Remember, what you write once could be stay “alive" in a long term period. Make sure you ready and prepared every consequence from the letter you write.

3. E-mail or Voicemail

Technology is so helpful and gives you many options to communicate. If you hard to communicate through telephone or letter, or for some reason, you can choose e-mail or voicemail. e-mail or voicemail could be struck you back if the person you sent to just allow it or even let other people read it. If you truly and really want to express what you feel in every word you said or write, you don’t have to worry. If you use voicemail, better you make concept first. The duration time should be 30 – 60 seconds. Watch your intonation.

Teach Your Baby to Swim

Bath time is the moment for babies and most children always waiting. Well, Scientists said they love to play in water. Do you know why?

Babies and children love playing water because this activity remind them when they still in womb. 9 months they live in bag of water in their mother’s stomach. That’s why, sometimes so hard for us to stop them from their bath. Don’t need to loud shout and make them scared, if they already reach of majority (4-7 months), invite them to swim.

But, don’t be surprised if your baby still afraid to get into the pool. This was normal, because the volume of water in the swimming pool or so much more than the water in their bath tub. All you’ve got to do is creating a comfortable and safe condition to make them sure he/she safe. Said “Mom will never let you go until you can do it by yourself.” So, don’t ever let her/him go, this will make their confidence gone and don’t be surprised if they refuse to swim someday.

5 Youngest Mothers in The Medical History

Linda Medina (5 years)
Born September 27, 1933, in Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru, Linda Medina was the youngest girl ever to give birth. She was just 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days when her 2.7 kg son Gerardo was born. Linda got attendance of her parents when they noticed abnormal increase of her belly; she was thought to have had a tumor but when Linda was taken to hospital, there they get to know about her pregnancy. The mystery remains unsolved about the father of Gerardo.
Gerardo was raised believing that Medina was his sister, but found out at the age of 10 that she was his mother. He grew up healthy but died in 1979 at the age of 40 of a bone marrow disease

(age 8, Lima)
A girl from Huanuco, Peru, gave birth to a baby weighing 2 kg (4.4 lb) by caesarean section at a hospital in Lima in December 2006. Her ninth birthday occurred a couple of days later. She became pregnant after being raped by two of her cousins.

200,000,000 Vehicles in 2020 at China’s Road

The number of vehicles on China's roads will more than double to at least 200,000,000 by 2020, said the top official on Monday, further straining the nation's environment and energy supply.

China must make it a top priority to develop fuel-efficient and alternative energy cars. China's auto sales is the biggest in the world, hit to 13.64 million units last year, overtaking the US as the world's top car market, while sales this year are forecast to hit 15 million units.

The Richest Country In the Earth Which Rid Out from the World’s Eye

The Richest Country In the Earth Which Rid Out from the World’s Eye
People don’t know, where is the richest country in this planet. Some people say US is the richest country, some say countries in the middle east. Well, it’s not totally wrong. For example, US is a super country and super power had a very high technology advancement which only few countries could emulated it. Other example, countries in middle east, most of thoase countries which cover with desert and had an extreme weather had millions barrel of oils which ready to be worked

But, all of those riches and wealth still can’t beat this country, even US. Countries in middle east and Uni-Europe also can’t beat it. And this is the richest country in this planet which Rid Out from the world’s eye. Citizen of this country must be proud if they know, but unfortunetly they don’t realize that they “stand on diamonds”!! Let’s see this country profile ……

Oxford English Dictionary : Available Only Online

The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary may never appear in print and instead be accessible only online.

A team of 80 lexicographers are preparing the third edition of the OED, but with more than a decade of work ahead of them and digital books fast gaining popularity, the publishers are hedging their bets on what format it will take.

"The first edition of the multi-volume Oxford English Dictionary was fully published in 1928, and the second edition in 1989," a spokeswoman for Oxford University Press said Tuesday.

China Ring Big Alarm over Yangtze Environmental Damage

China will spend billions of dollars treating sewage and planting forests to arrest massive environmental degradation along the Yangtze river and its Three Gorges reservoir, officials said Tuesday. 

With a record-high dumped wastes of 30.5 billion tons, the Yangtze River in China can be considered as a ‘giant toilet bowl’ of Asia as waste production and illegal dumping in the area continue to worsen. Xinhua news agency reported the recent case of industrial, farming and human waste production in China has doubled compared a couple of decades ago with a 3.1 percent increase or 900 million tons of added trash being thrown in the river.

"Generally speaking, the ecological state (of the river) is still far from what the Communist Party and people are demanding," forestry minister Jia Zhibang told journalists.

"For numerous reasons, the forests on both sides of the river have been seriously degraded, leading to bare mountains and hills that have led to repeated natural disasters " such as landslides.

'Touchable' 3D TV Technology

TOKYO : World's first 3D television system that allows users to touch, pinch or poke images floating in front of them : 'Touchable' 3D TV Technology

"It is the first time that you can feel images in the air," said Norio Nakamura, senior scientist with the research team at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

"You can have the sense of touch like poking a rubber ball or stretching a sticky rice cake" when manipulating images, he told AFP by telephone.

Powering Homes with Electricity from the Air

Electricity collected from the air could become the newest alternative energy source. Scientists have been such device to capture electricity from the air. It works much like solar cells capture sunlight and using them to light a house or recharge an electric car.

If we know how electricity builds up and spreads in the atmosphere, we can also prevent death and damage caused by lightning strikes, noting that lightning causes thousands of deaths and injuries worldwide and millions of dollars in property damage.

The notion of harnessing the power of electricity formed naturally has tantalized scientists for centuries. Sparks of static electricity formed as steam escaped from boilers. Workers who touched the steam even got painful electrical shocks. It's the electricity formed, for instance, when water vapor collects on microscopic particles of dust and other material in the air. But until now, scientists lacked adequate knowledge about the processes involved in formation and release of electricity from water in the atmosphere.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
The NBC Friday Night Lights season 4 has come to an end with a Thanksgiving celebration. The NBC series is going out with an emotional, it solidifies itself as the best network television drama we saw all year.

Nine of words I hoped I would never say: Eric and Tami Taylor had their separate ways. I'm not talking about a strong partner in the heart of Friday Night Lights but their extraordinary portrayers, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Although the fifth and final season, the show not air (the premiere on DirecTV this fall), the cast and crew wrapped up last week in Austin, at which point the Britton moved back to Los Angeles, leaving Chandler behind in Texas with his wife and their two daughters. Here, in their first interview together since production ended, the actors look back on five years of their marriage work, reveals the secret behind the screen innovative relationships, and argue about who they were rooting almost come Emmy night.

Harvest Crusade

Harvest Crusade
Starting Friday (8/6) night, the Harvest Crusade will return to Southern California’s Orange County for the 21st straight year. When Lynn’s son Bryce went to the annual Harvest Crusade, a Christian music and evangelism event, she had no way of knowing he would be lured into a cultic group known as the Twelve Tribes. The 2010 Harvest Crusade will bring some of the top names in Christian music, including David Crowder Band, Phil Wickham, Sanctus Real, Steven Curtis Chapman and MercyMe, and The Katinas.

The Twelve Tribes regularly field teams of proselytizers to intercept new converts and their friends as they leave the Crusade. Dancing and distributing literature around their brightly painted “hippie bus” in the Angel Stadium parking lot, Twelve Tribes members invite passerby’s to commit themselves to a more authentic Christian lifestyle in their “messianic communities.”

1000 IDR Become 1 IDR Only

Is that true if we had 1000 IDR, it only value 1 IDR?
Yes, its true

Bank of Indonesia estimated this re-denomination  needs approximately about 10 years. First step that Central bank will do is socialization from 2011 and will be end at 2022.

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Picture
Chelsea Clinton (30) got married to Marc Mezvinsky (32) within a secret ceremony at Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, New York on Saturday. There were about 500 guests at the Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Roads were blocked off and the locals were sworn to secrecy. Even the government got involved, declaring the area a no fly zone!

On Saturday morning, Rhinebeck erupted with cameras, tourists, Bill Clinton masks, limousines and people just trying to get ready for Chelsea and Marc's wedding. By the afternoon, Roger Clinton and Ted Danson were out, along with TV reporters, t-shirt vendors and several people dressed up as mice with signs.

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed
Does Justin Bieber smoking weed? Bieber fans (Beliebers) are searching to the Internet to find out if the rumor is true. Let's check it out.

The rumor of Justin Bieber smoking weed has circulated through the Internet and comes close to topping the number one Justin Bieber rumor, "Is Justin Bieber dead?". Justin Bieber has made headlines recently for several things. He is starring in the season premier of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in September as troubled teen (Jason McCan) and he has been targeted by the anti-gay pseudo church Westboro Baptist.