Water ViewShark proof. You can also experience the Shark Tank from the dry, and more comfortable, viewing chamber.Water ViewShark tank . After the Ziggurat, you will emerge slowly through the lagoon at Shark Attack.
Water ViewSee sea food. Ossiano is home to a three-star Michelin chef, and offers gourmet seafood with views of the exotic marine life of the Ambassador Lagoon.Water ViewFish surprise. Keeping with he water theme, the Lost Chamber is a maze of underwater halls and tunnels under the Ambassador Lagoon with over 65,000 fish.Water ViewSea view. Tthe Ambassador Lagoon is a window into the wonders of the ocean, and the centre-piece of Atlantis, with over 250 species of fish and sea creatures.Water ViewWater bed. The Neptune and Poseidon Suites are exclusive to Atlantis, with both bedroom and bath views directly into the mesmerising underwater world of the Ambassador Lagoon.Water ViewWater world. The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, one of the world's most anticipated hotels, finally opens its doors on September 24. Situated on 113 acres of the Palm Ju mei rah, the hotel boasts over 1539 rooms.